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‘You Could See Fafa Nyang’s Intestines Outside’: TRRC Witness Gives Graphic Details of November 11 Alleged Killings

An Army Warrant Officer Class 1, Malang F.S. Camara has given graphic details to the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission of how soldiers accused of taking part in the 11th November 1994 alleged coup plot were summarily executed.

In his testimony Monday, WO1 Camara, who joined the Army in 1991, said he was in the communication room at Yundum Barracks on the fateful day of 11th November 1994 when he saw a truck pack beside the room. He said inside the truck were bodies of Lt. Basiru Barrow and Lt. Abdoulie Dot Faal, two of the soldiers allegedly killed in the aftermath of the alleged coup plot.

According to him, Lt. Faal wasn’t completely dead when he was brought in. “You could still see he was moving. His body was moving.”

He alleged that the Chairman of the AFPRC and head of state, Yahya Jammeh ordered them (soldiers) to kill soldiers accused of plotting the coup, including Lt. Barrow, Saye, Faal and others. He said the order was received with surprise after he relayed the order to guard commander.

WO1 Camara told the TRRC how Lt. Edward Singhateh, a member of the ruling Armed Forces Provisional Ruling Council allegedly killed Fafa Nyang, who was arrested over the alleged plot.

“Fafa Nyang was brought in to the anteroom where Edward stood according to what I knew. He asked Fafa Nyang ‘go and greet your friends (referring to the dead bodies of Dot Faal and Basiru Barrow in the truck). And when Fafa Nyang climbed up to see what is in the truck, Edward shot him at the back and he fell down. I was in the signal room when we heard this gunshot.”

He said he heard three shots but he didn’t come out instantly. “We stood at the door and you could see the dead body on the ground. Fafa Nyang’s dead body… you could even see his intestine outside where he was laid. I could not definitely reach him. These are people I worked with…(crying).

At this juncture, the assistant lead counsel sought for brief stand down to allow the witness to gather himself.

WO1 Camara’s testimony continues.

Editor’s Note: This story will be updated.

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