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Update: Yankuba Touray Faces Arrest for Refusing to Testify at the TRRC

Former military junta member Yankuba Touray is expected to be arrested after refusing to testify at the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission.

Touray, who has been adversely mentioned by several TRRC witnesses for alleged involvement in atrocities during the former regime, was schedule to appear before the commission this morning to give testimony. But he told the commission that he would not testify.

Update: The TRRC Chairman Dr. Lamin Sise has called for Touray’s arrest after he declined a second chance to take an oath and testify before the commission. Touray told the TRRC he would not testify because he had immunity from prosecution for human rights violations. After taking an oath, Touray stated publicly that he wouldn’t testify, and he walked out of the testimony hall.

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