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Woke Is Not Noisy

Woke – to be aware of social injustice, to see beyond the facade of social construct, to be aware of the connection between self and others, to know how little you know.

 It does not come in a cascade

It slips in during the quiet thoughtful moments

It is as a stage curtain, gradually pulling apart to reveal what has always been there

It is what has always been there but shielded by the need to hold onto all you grew up believing

Woke is daring to ask the question

Woke is removing the walls and letting your thoughts fly free

Woke is finding beauty and depth in everyday things

It is the bright eyed woman, comfortable in her nakedness

Unhesitant in her step

Fearless in her laughter

Creating new paths

Discovering lost ones

Woke is not noisy

It sits right there, quietly waiting for you to reach out.

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