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WO2 Lamin Kolley Dismissed by the Army Over TRRC Testimony

Lamin Kolley, an army Warrant Officer Class 2 has been sacked by the Gambia Armed Forces.

Credible sources close to the army told The Chronicle that Kolley was sacked over his alleged false testimony at the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission. He appeared before the TRRC last month and testified over his alleged involvement in the killing of soldiers accused of coup plot on November 11, 1994.

Kolley confessed to shooting Sgt. Fafa Nyang to death but claimed he shot him by mistake.

“I saw him cross before he was shot. I rushed to save him but my hand mistakenly touched the triggered and finished-up my colleague, Fafa Nyang,” he testified.

WO2 Lamin Kolley

“He could have survived if not for my mistake. My hand touched the trigger and immediately my gun fired at this innocent man (Fafa Nyang) and I saw blood coming out from his head.”

Kolley also denied involvement in other killings in the aftermath of the 11 November alleged coup plot.

The Army PRO, Major Lamin K. Sanyang has confirmed the dismissal of Kolley but did not give details.

It would be recalled that another TRRC witness and ex-soldier, JCB was recently dismissed by the Gambia Civil Aviation Authority following allegations that he lied during his TRRC testimony.

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