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‘Who to Blame:’ A Gambian Film that Depicts Critical Societal Vices

‘Who to blame’, a Gambian movie set for launching

‘Who to Blame’ is the new entertaining and educative movie in town, exclusively directed, produced and acted by Gambians. The movie depicts how immoralities such as lies and betrayals are destroying the fabric of the society. It is set to be launched on March 6th at Paradise Suites Hotel.

The movie is produced by Young Stars Movie Production which registered with the National Centre for Arts and Culture (NCAC). 

The director of the company, Momodou Lamin Sowe drew inspiration from the students he coordinated at Brusubi Senior Secondary Press and Drama Club, based on the exhibited talents he saw before grooming some of them to take part in his first major project. 

Lamin B Barra, a member of the Young Stars Production told The Chronicle that this movie has drawn its young actors and actresses from different schools to join the production.

Lamin B Barra

“We are all Gambians. It’s only the young stars of the country that are part of the production team. The movie is 100 percent produced by Gambians as actors and actresses, showcasing the critical vices of the society such as lies and betrayals within relationships,” he said.

“The movie is about a story of an individual which we’re not ready to disclose in public yet but it’s a very interesting movie. It is full of deceit, lies which led to a very bad thing as showcased in the movie. And that bad thing is why we put the title ‘Who to Blame.’”

“It’s a village where different people are living with the King. There are so many disappointments, so many betrayals, so many lies and greediness in the story and in the end, it led to something bad. Now then we should find out in the movie who to be blamed for that,” Lamin told The Chronicle. 

By this movie, their motive is to educate the people regarding the critical issues that happen in the society while people remain silent on them. “We want to use this movie, through entertainment, to educate people on how to tackle social issues that we are dealing with so that we help Gambia grow and the world at large.”

He hailed the opportunity the production has given to many young stars to explore their hidden talents and also making career selection easy at such a tender age for the actors and actresses.

“We also believe that through this we can employ ourselves because whatever we get out of it, we own it. We are hoping that Gambians will come out and support us so that we reach our potential.”

Lamin is optimistic that this initiative can succeed if Gambians and the government give them the needed support. “We are young stars and some of us are in Lower Basic, some are in Upper Basic, some are in Senior schools, some are in college and some are working.”

Their previous projects included a movie titled ‘Shadow’ and ‘Twist’ in 2017, but at this time, it was still called Brusubi Senior Secondary School Press and Drama Club. They also made numerous Ramadan episodes between 2017 and 2019.

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  1. Modoulamin sowe says

    Thank you family…..
    Am proud of you all….

    1. SheikhTijan Barrow says

      We are proud of you Master. The Gambia need people like you to guide, educate, inspire and groom the young talented youths of this country through acting and fliming.
      You don’t see this as a one man thing. You believed is ours. You believed the Gambian own the production. You believed every youth can make it here in The Gambia 🇬🇲.
      All we need is support from our young Gambians brother’s and sisters, Uncle and Auntie’s, our mothers and our fathers right to the highest office of the government.
      March 6th is calling out loud.

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