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Week of Various Fortune for Gambian Petty Criminals in Italy

The Carabinieri found drugs and narcotics in the Gambian apartment of Marling. - Photo: © Carabinieri

It’s been another tough week for Gambian migrants involved in petty drug peddling and crime in Italy, as the carabiniers continue to round them up and bring them to book. The Italian police and criminal justice system have become much tougher with the repeat offenders, some of whom might soon be forced to return to Banjul.

On Tuesday, the Italian carabinieri agents of Genoa-Centro arrested two Gambian citizens, caught giving hashish in return for a few euros to a young man from Georgia, also living in Genoa.

The Italian police personal search on the two Gambians found additional drugs and cash believed to be the proceeds of their illicit activity.

The Carabinieri found what they were looking for in the apartment of the Gambian suspect in Marling. – Photo: © Carabinieri

On Wednesday afternoon, the Varese police in northern Italy arrested a 25-year-old Gambian, already known to the police, for drug dealing. He was quickly charged and faced a judge in Milan who ordered for the young Gambian’s expulsion. Meanwhile, the Pre-removal detention centers agents of Milan escorted the Gambian pending his repatriation.

In Pescara, the police patrol on Thursday arrested a 24-year-old Gambian, with the initials J. F, in Corso Vittorio Emanuele. The young Gambian, a holder of an Italian residence permit, was found to possess 28 sachets of a narcotic substance with many doses in his pockets and backpack.

When the Pescara police checked in the Italian inter-force database, they found that the Gambian had been arrested on 1st June for drug dealing and released three days later. He has been charged with possession of narcotics for dealing.

Also, on Thursday, the Carabinieri of Merano, Italy’s South Tyrol region, arrested a 25-year-old Gambian who lives in Marling for selling drugs. The Merano Police searched his apartment and found ecstasy pills, heroin, five bottles of methods, and two electronic scales. (See Video)

The Gambian suspect was also physically found in possession 150 grams of heroin and 1,500 euros as he was taken to the Bolzano detention center.

In Sicilia’s center of Agrigento, a group of Gambian migrants was on Thursday caught in a huge brawl at the crossroad between the Via Neve and Via Atenea. Passers-by and residents in the neighborhood panicked and called the Italian police to avoid the irreparable. The Italian police said it was a mix of fights, screams, kicks, and violent punches between the Gambian protagonists. CCTV records have enabled the Agrigento police to identify and arrest several of the fighters. A search is on course to get the other Gambians who fled the scene of the brawl before the police’s arrival.



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