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‘We are Barrow Movement 2021’ Calls on the President to Reshuffle Cabinet

The founder of the ‘We are Barrow movement 2021′, Sheikh Sidia Bayo, has on Wednesday called on President Adma Barrow to amend his cabinet as a means to defend his political balance sheet ahead of the coming presidential election.

Bayo also asked that the president trim down his presidential advisers’ crew, many of whom Sidia believes are of little use to the country.

Bayo, a People’s Progressive Party member, said time is running, with many emergency challenges untackled by the current government that cannot wait any longer to be addressed.

I am for a cabinet reshuffle with a majority of ministers capable of meeting the expectations and aspirations of our citizens,” he said at a press conference.

Sheikh Sidia Bayo launched the ‘We are Barrow movement 2021‘ last month to support President Adama Barrow in his reelection bid.

That is why it would be required for the president to bring new skills from diverse backgrounds, ready to meet the numerous challenges.”

One example of political gains wasted by the current government is the Gambia National team that he said recently distinguished itself most beautifully by qualifying for the first time in the AFCON. “The atmosphere has been polluted within the country’s football body.”

We believe that these compatriots deserve better treatment. Despite the efforts of the government, we are urging to do more for honorable participation of our Football team in the AFCON/Cameroon 2021“.

Queried if his call for a cabinet reshuffle would not backfire on his relation with the presidents he claims to support, Sidia Bayo said it was clear from the onset that between him (Sidia) and Barrow, the ‘We are Barrow Movement 2021‘ would maintain a free speech trajectory in the Gambian political sphere.

When asked if he is not asking Barrow to oust ministers to have his way in the cabinet, Sheikh Sidia Bayo said he is not interested in any ministerial position.


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