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Veteran Journalist Sarjo Barrow Dies, Tributes Pour In

Sarjo Barrow, a radio presenter for The Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS) and Star FM died on Sunday at his residence in Brusubi after a long illness.

A veteran in the local media scene, Barrow was a long-standing presenter for the afternoon local news bulletin on state broadcaster, GRTS. He was also the presenter of a famous local news program ‘Bitilo Kibaro’, on Star FM radio.

News of his death, triggered an outpouring of grief and messages of condolence on social media from Barrow’s colleagues, radio listeners and politicians.

“Devastating news. You were a brilliant broadcaster, a kind human being with an affable smile, always,” fellow presenter at Star FM Alagie Fatty wrote on Facebook. We send our deepest condolences to the Barrow family and fans for the departure of Sarjo Barrow who was arguably one of the most outstanding broadcasters the country has ever produced.”

“Very sad loss of a genuine human being who’s been for years part of disseminating relevant information to The Gambians, Saidou Manneh wrote on Facebook. My heart goes out to his family and may his soul rest in peace.”

      Sarjo Barrow

Bakary Badjie, former KMC mayoral candidate also said he was saddened by the passing of Sarjo Barrow. “Adieu Mr. Sarjo Barrow, “he wrote on Facebook account. You lived an exemplary live, served the country and people with dedication. May Allah forgive your shortcomings, make your rest peaceful and grant you Jahna.”

Sarjo’s colleage at GRTS Alhaji Abubakar Darbo also expressed his condolence. “It is indeed with heavy heart that I learnt about the demise of uncle Sarjo Barrow. His demise is indeed an astronomical loss to the entire media fraternity both in the Gambia and beyond, “Abubakar said.” His illustrious career spanning over four decades inspired an entire generation. He ran his race well and will now be remembered among the ranks of legends like Uncle Suwaibou Conateh, Kebba Dibba, Ebrima Sanyang among others. May Allah the Almighty overlook his shortcomings and rest him in the highest Jannah. GRTS is in mourning.”

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