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Using The Pain Of Victims/Survivors To Build Careers And Make Money

Gambia Center for victims of Human rights violations in a demonstration asking for justice

Poor Africans! Poor Gambians! Poor Victims and Poor Survivors! Where would they all be if it weren’t for the great White Saviors of this world who somehow manage to make themselves prominent on the pain of these Survivors? They’d tell you it’s about the Survivors but check any public forum and they make themselves even more prominent than the Survivors they’re supposedly only helping! You don’t have to equate or make yourself larger than the person you’re supposedly helping; that reeks of insincerity and self-promotion, on the back of people’s pain.

You’d think it will be beneath any decent human being to exploit the pain and suffering of a people for their own selfish career advancement, but not some of these people! They are as heartless as they are manipulative! It’s all about them and not about the Survivors; they only use the pain of people as a platform to advance themselves!

That the injustice and crisis that’s prevalent in Africa was actually carved in their countries, specifically in Germany, is not their concern! That’s past, and we should just forget about the injustices, even if we still live with the effects to this day. Look at what the French are up to in Africa and you’d see what I mean.

No one builds a career talking about the injustices of colonialism and how Africa was inhumanely carved into pieces, separating families and causing some of the untold sufferings we see to this day. The suffering their ancestors caused is what some of these white saviours continue to mine to strike gold in their careers. And if you see beyond their smokescreen, you’d see how they only use victims and survivors as props to advance their unremarkable careers and get funds to live largely! Neocolonialism comes in various forms and sometimes, it’s masked in a “fight for human rights”.

This one German/French was so brazen that she tried to stop The Gambia’s victim centre from working with the TRRC, and when she failed at that, she continued to undermine the TRRC, even when good people gave her the benefit of the doubt by trying to work with her. I won’t even get into how her actions caused a family to be threatened here in The Gambia when she left and went back to her comfort zone blaming her partner for what happened. So much for expertise! Now, because she feels irrelevant and uninvolved in a TRRC process she feels is hers, she decided to latch on to a survivor and attack the work of people who can professionally run circles around her all day. She calls these cowardly and underhanded tactics “bravery”. She continues with self-serving lies and innuendos, couched in the pains of others, trying to insist it’s about Survivors! You’d not see anything she’s accomplished beyond latching on to the pain of others and sitting with them at every photo or video opportunity just to make herself relevant. But it’s about the Survivors; I’m only part of the picture or video. Somehow, her name is plastered on every story and of course, her “expertise” is nicely advertised too just in case no one knows how great she is at what she does! Germany and France do not have enough human rights issues, so Africa is their hunting grounds to play heroes.

When Gambians were suffering, you’d never hear a word from them, but as soon as they see an opening and know they can operate in a safe environment, they swoop in and assume guardian angel status, and arrogate unto themselves the role of healer and justice crusader! You call them on their wickedness and they start tagging you with racist brushes calling you “aggressive” and playing the victim by insisting you’re “bullying” them! Typical white woman words that have been used against Black men since the days of slavery! And since they like hiding behind victims and survivors, they use them as a shield to protect their selfish and manipulative machinations! Their claim is often it’s about the survivors, but if you know some of them, you’d never see a victim or survivor without them hovering or sandwiching the survivor while they play flank protectors!

To stay relevant, these white saviours demonize anyone they think stands in their way to stardom and quickly claim “it’s about the survivors” when they’re called out for their manipulation and evil machinations! Sadly, they always find someone to latch on to, and continue to suck the blood out of them to gain support and play the victim! No one knows what they are doing if it’s not done in line with what the Western and racist blinkers direct! Give them a yard and they go for a mile because nothing is inappropriate when it comes to their career desires! Even if it means using Victims and Survivors to score a point! Better sleep with one eye opens around these white saviours!

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