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Two Gambians Risk 15 Years in Spanish Jail for Allegedly Raping Girl Under Drugs

The Provincial Court of Granada where the two Gambians will stand trial

Two young Gambians (name withheld) aged 27 and 29 years will stand trial on 31st May at the Second chamber of the Granada Provincial Court house accused of raping a young Spanish woman, 29, in the bathrooms of a nightclub in the capital of Granada. The two Gambians risk up to 15 years in prison according to Spanish law.

The particulars of the offense unveiled by the lawyer of the victim Carmen Solera, the events that led to the indictment of the two Gambians took place on 18th November 2018.  On that day, the defendants, both born in The Gambia and currently on irregular stay in Spain, were in a nightclub located in the outskirts of Granada when they saw a girl accompanied by a co-worker arriving in the lounge. The girl ingested alcohol and ecstasy throughout the night, ultimately becoming vulnerable with no control of her actions.

According to the particular of the offense, the two Gambians observed the young woman and later took her to one of the bathrooms when her co-worker went out smoking.

The charge sheet states, “After stripping her from the waist down and raising her shirt, the two Gambians sexually abused her and, when caught by several people who were at the time in the toilet, they (the two Gambians) left the bathroom. One of them was nabbed by the porter of the nightclub. The other Gambian tried quitting the toilet where the young woman was still lying on the floor, naked from the waist down and half-unconscious”.

The charge sheet states, “these acts constitute two offenses of sexual assault, each of which is punishable of 15 years in prison for each defendant, in addition to a ten-year probation, which will be implemented after the custodial sentence”.

The prosecution of Grenada will request that the two Gambian defendants “compensate the victim an amount of 20,000 euros each for the moral damage they caused to her”.

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