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Two Gambians Arrested in Italy on Robbery, Assault and Drug Peddling

In Tor Cervara, east of Rome, the Italian police’s capital, on Friday night arrested a 19-year-old Gambian migrant with the initials B.A. He stabbed and robbed a 42-year-old Italian after luring his victim into a conversation and asking him for a cigarette.

According to the daily report of the Carabinieri in Rome, the Gambian national allegedly approached the victim from his back with scissors along the sidewalk in Via Dei Volsci, telling the victim not to look back, and hand over his wallet.

As the victim refused to comply, the Gambian national allegedly attacked, and a scuffle ensued. The victim managed to escape not before he was robbed of his mobile phone and wallet, containing 50 euros.

As the assailant fled the scene, the victim reported the incident to the troopers of the Tuscolano police station area. With the victim’s accurate description of the assailant’s clothing, the Italian police manage to spot a suspect less than an hour later, near a gas station not far from the scene of the robbery.

It was a Gambian immigrant.

B.A, the 19-year-old suspect was an immigrant from The Gambia. He was found with the same pants ripped off during the scuffle with the victim. The police also found a hidden black and orange fluorescent scissor in his sleeve, exactly as described to the Italian police by the victim who was taken to hospital for treatment. The victim was flagged with an eight-day incapacity prognosis.

Meanwhile, the Gambian immigrant (B.A) was arrested for aggravated robbery in a criminal association. The investigations continue to identify his accomplice, who is still at large.

Another Gambian immigrant arrested for drug pushing

Still in Rome, via Giolitti, the Carabinieri arrested another 38-year-old Gambian for alleged possession and dealing of drugs. The Gambian national was already restricted to stay only in the municipality of Rome.

He was spotted while handing over a wrapper of hashish to a Latin American “buyer.” The transaction took place in a corner between Via Giolitti and Via Cattaneo. The Italian Carabinieri intervened and arrested the two suspects. They ascertained that the 38-year-old Gambian had just pocketed the sum of 10 euros from his 28-year-old Peruvian customer in exchange for about 50 g of hashish.

The Gambian pusher was arrested and found in possession of another 25 g of the same substance. At the same time, the Peruvian buyer was reported to the Territorial Office of the Government of Rome as a drug user.





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