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Top Gambian Reggae Dancehall Artist Emerges From COVID-19 Pandemic with “Mbeguel” Single

Royal Messenjah has not let the current coronavirus pandemic get him down. The top Gambian singer/songwriter has continued on his mercurial trajectory in the music industry releasing a new music video for his latest love single “Mbeguel”. The Gambian reggae dancehall sensation debuted the music video via YouTube on August 8, and in just few hours, has already garnered over 5,000 views.

“I’ve worked so hard for this song and video, “Royal tells The Chronicle. “Love is the key to everything in life. We have to appreciate and love one another, that’s very important and that’s why this song is called Mbeguel.”

       Royal Messenjah

The song has received praise from fans for its clever lyrics, upbeat musicianship, and quality production. It is a catching combination of vocals and music that showcase Royal Messenjah’s singing ability.

Royal has a unique style- he sings and even raps. Recently, he’s stepped outside his comfort zone in Reggae dancehall, delving into other genres of music, including Afro dancehall. “Music is what I do, “he said. I am from a griot family. Starting from my grandparents down to my mum and dad, all are griots, so am a griot. “Afro dancehall is the trending genre so I have to get into it and make my fans happy.”

It is no news that Royal Messenjah is a hit maker as every song/video he puts out doesn’t only enjoy massive airplay but it also endears him to even more people.  However, the video had fans like Malick Faye so overwhelmed. “I am not surprise that Royal Messenjah is here with another hit song, “he said. “He’s an incredible artist. He can song in all genres and that makes him the best Gambian singer.”

        Royal Messenjah with renowned Jamaican Reggae Dancehall singer Chronixx

Another fan, Dawda Njie described Royal Messenjah as Gambia’s current ‘best’ singer. “Royal is the only Gambian artist whom nobody dares to doubt his singing ability, “he said. “He knows how and when to use his magical voice. Gambians should continue supporting him because he’s the deal.”

With a vibrant voice, Royal Messenjah is an artist on a mission. He has over the years collaborated with other African artists mostly from Senegal. He’s using his talent to take Gambian music to the world.

Below you can watch and enjoy Royal Messenjah’s new love song “Mbeguel”.

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