The Chronicle Gambia


By Ebrima John alias The Pen Dictator


Recitations reside in verse virgins

Raining ravenous Gehenna on Jinns

Leave the body like dumped-dirty jeans!

Shouting Semitic seen in his genes

Energetic as if impacted by cups of gins 

Yes, I was the teenage exorcist

Revealed passages pumped to resist

The devil demon which dislikes exit

Lunatic Lucifer surface and chant

Caught in the fierce speedy spirit hunt


I, exorcising like the Nazarene Messiah 

With weapons of ‘Al-Rugya tul Shariah’

Healing bodies like the Heaven’s courier

Speaking to spirits, breaking fear barrier

Their recoveries, fan me to fly merrier


When I vision their sad sorrowful state

Melancholy stains my viewing tools

They fall and dance on dirty ground

It could be in schools, streets, or homes

Will I sit and be an audience to tragedy?


At ‘As-Sifaa’ the centre of healers

I pull ‘Furqan’ trigger to demolish demons

The concrete conquest clearly cleans

Vampire’s venom in human’s inner self

No sword needed just Holy deep dictions


Satan’s Saints screaming as it thunders

The ‘Kursi’ inferno destroys their noses

Run or ruin without a ransom reward

Euphrates and Tigris closed gate for safe haven 

The exorcist at the peak to walk apex

Just for the crime certified spirit to vanish


Spells spill to split and its effects wreck

The Book’s Semitic tone does sack

Lucifer’s pupils propelling man to weak

This crusade creeps days and hugs week

As human, I aim animus seeing man sick


Shu’aib Bah bashes at the kid exorcist

Claiming the lad’s journey holds threat 

Ears so deaf that wisdom can’t come in

To convince cerebrum to abscond fast

In aiding, he wears blindness to unsee peril 


Fire they hailed and fire they spit man

Chewing comfort from Gambia to Oman 

I, like a Gladiator gladly born a Roman

Whack as wild as an Oceanic wave 

Just to justly crucify clown spirit in cave


Let the Heaven hearkens the devil’s deed

Ask the Stars’ lamps to wake fast indeed

To picture glamorous calamity to weed

And armed me the Abrahamic able seed

To disinfect incubus with bombs to heed


Yes, I was the teenage exorcist

Terrible torment’s tour shouldn’t exist

In aesthetic creature crafted by the beast

Who robs sanity drowning sense’s breast

I glitter in the healing frontline biking best


Let King Solomon’s soul reincarnate in me!

And I ride his supernatural might to tame

These demons to denounce iniquity game

But who will be my Queen of Sheba?

To mirror warriors breathing Addis Ababa


These whose sanity escapes their minds

Aggressive with forehead danger like mines

No duty, no direction, as they seem unfine 

Moron motor mind and senseless combine

This pricks the teenage exorcist to aid

He comes like Shaka Zulu without fear

As if he borrows a Persian sparkling shield 

In his crusade just to free suffering men


So I hit like archers from Byzantine 

War begging for serenity in the frontline

An invisible foe formulating atrocities

To empty health stored in conscious cities

So I exorcise to rebirth their dead abilities


Now, I pray

Rog-Saine, give me the might of Mesopotamia

To stand like a Magian Magician  

Jehovah, bless me the courage of a Spartan

Inject me the heart of an Afghan Pashtun 

And empower my fort like Babylon


Bestow me bravery herb of Genghis Khan

Sharp to spear like a Mongolian warrior

As I smell set to ambush Lucifer’s pupils



Here I call the gods of Kaabu to calm

And Sine gods to decline daily anger

My alcoholic bottle has its liquid dry

Halting my pouring of reliable libation

Ancestral faith, don’t call me betrayer!


Ears I own earn the tale of melancholy

Neatly narrated by pale Malang Colley

That hopes are slaughtered silently

As the bright girl with academic arms

Has her leg refuse commands to act

I land not lavishly to give exorcism as alms


Where is the Malian Makalo?

The Sergeant that searches souls

To destroy demonic webs inside skins

News come thou peep brothel brooms

Revenge of the spirits so pain on you

I’m sorry! 


The Sicks in six landing like locusts

Dalasi driving is the Chief’s main focus

Too much greed thus the healer is bogus

Toiling tough needs no coin in your logos

For the Father to glitter you like Lagos

Christ’s chariot can carry you to heroes

Why the greed and hunt for money?


A dip in diplomacy with the hiddens

To doff dull damaging as burdens

Let’s initiate the negotiate for your run

Your dark detonations but you see fun

Human cries happily, you laugh horribly 


Pumping of revealed passages will cease

To turn tunnels open for your release

This shall fetch good for your life to ease

Again, I urge not argue for your exit please

For innocent humans to retrieve peace


I write these polygamous stanzas

When am just an atom in two Hamzas

Eating elation to ink my exorcising days

Myself the personification of word

Flirting History to crown me her Lord


Hey demon, you murder folk!

The list cries for aid in a dark fork

Be blessed with ornaments like Sphinx

But you shall be in a hard labour dying ox


The rage revenge of the invisibles

Wrestles my traveling tranquillity

And obstruct sleep to kiss my eyes

Flummox flow frowns flowery focus

I host no divine boost like the “Saviour”



Here I hill surviving the storm

Now, exorcising stanzas

Just to pocket poetry in my pen

Doing unimaginables like the Mamluk coup d’état 

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