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The Open Forum: Has Gambia’s Budding Democracy Lost Ground Under Barrow?

In December 2016, The Gambia became the darling of the world after it voted out President Yahya Jammeh and ended more than two decades of dictatorship.

The victory of Adama Barrow and the new so-called political dispensation gave the citizens a glimmer of hope and excitement that after 22 years of hardship, there was indeed light at the end of the tunnel. The new government promised a new dawn of freedom, progress and prosperity, and an ambitious reforms agenda. The president who won the presidency under an opposition coalition ticket, promised to serve the interest of Gambia and Gambians. Across the continent, his victory gave hope to Africa’s democracies.

The Gambia and Gambians were hailed across the world for resilience and peace in the face of adversity. Our budding democracy in the months that followed became the envy of the world.

So almost three years down the line, has that budding democracy already lost ground?

In the maiden edition of The Open Forum, The Chronicle assembles five distinguished Gambians from diverse fields to weigh in on the performance of the Barrow administration.

Watch the video for the freestyle panel discussion.

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  1. Dawda says

    Excellent interview .. but for next time please get some chairs for the people !!

  2. Abdoulie M Jobe says

    Thumps up for “The Open Forum”

  3. Alasan says

    Very interesting discussion and educative to the general public. We trust in u to do the fight for us, pls keep ringing the bell. Barrow most go come December.

  4. Prince of Peace says

    Wow pretty interesting in the Gambia. Great interview

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