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The Gambia Six Hours Without Internet, The Second Outage In Less Than A Month

The Gambia has this Tuesday suffered another Internet shutdown for about six hours, with all operators being severed of any bandwidth data transmission while customers struggled to understand what happened.

It was only hours after the Internet outage hit the country that some service providers began sending scanty text messages to customers to fault a cable cut and crave for the subscribers indulgence.

The Gambia Telecommunications Company (GAMTEL), the main Internet gateway and service provider to the country only came out to explain what happened seven hours after the breakdown, when the wide bandwidth data transmission was finally restored. “In the past few hours we have experienced a links failures on ACE and backup link impacting general traffic which was beyond our control. Our engineers worked tirelessly with our international partner for immediate solution. While we continue to monitor the connectivity, we thank all our customers for patience and apologies for any inconvenience this have caused” GAMTEL said in a social media post.

It’s the second time The Gambia is off Internet connection as we may recall that in early January, an ACE cable shunt fault was blamed to have caused a shutdown of the Internet ACE traffic for over a week. As The Gambia has an unfit for purpose Internet backup infrastructure, GAMTEL announced that it has rerouted all its Internet traffic via its Senegal’s hosted SONATEL link.

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