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The Future of Gambian Healthcare: How Just A Click Can Get You Medical Drugs While At Home

InnovaRx Global Health

InnovaRx Global Health is a new medical care service that aims to revolutionize and standardize health care services to patients irrespective of one’s location in The Gambia. The technology allows patients to buy their prescriptions through a mobile phone app and it could be delivered right at their homes, according to the company’s CEO during an exclusive interview with The Chronicle.

The company is expected to be operational in October with their offices located at Fatou Golden Plaza in Kanifing, along the Bertil Harding Highway.

Dr. Ismail Badjie

“We want to be part of the solution to work with the government, but most importantly, as Gambians, as Africans, we felt like it was important for us to take all the skills that we have and bring a product that levels the playing field in terms of access so that someone who lives in Brikama, Soma, Jarra and Basang has the same level of access as somebody who lives in Atlanta or London or Sweden” Dr. Ismail Badjie told The Chronicle

Dr. Ismail Badjie earned his Doctorate from Purdue University, USA. He has nine years of experience in the pharmacy industry serving in multiple capacities. His community pharmacy specialization also includes medication therapy management, pharmaceutical compounding, HIV therapy, and Adult Immunizations.

Innovarx Global Health services

 Badjie believes that the impact will be hugely positive and it will change the narrative as far as quality and access to health care services are concerned through the use of technology. 

“We are rolling out a mobile application. So basically, every product or service we have in house, is as easy as you using our mobile application to request anywhere in The Gambia and you make a determination whether you want to come to us to get the service or you want us to come to you.” 

InnovaRx service demonstration

With this system, the founder believes that the diaspora community can also contribute to the mission of InnovaRx in terms of directly paying for services and prescribed drugs for their relatives and friends through just a click on the app. 

“Even if you cannot afford a service in house, a loved one such as mum, daughter, sister etc. could be outside The Gambia and be sponsoring your health care through us because they now know what they are paying for so it’s all very inclusive.”

What’s your number?

The company is currently running an awareness campaign called “What’s Your Number?” According to Badjie, the call to action campaign serves as “a foundation of our corporate social responsibility” and with that help people become more aware of their health and bodies through screenings.

In its first year of operation, Badjie promised to embark on a free medical screening for 20,000 high blood and the diabetic patients as their ‘give back to the nation’ initiative.


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