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The Barrow Government Reopens Weekly Lumo Markets

In what looks like a thumb up towards re-launching economic activities in the inner country, The Gambia government has announced the reopening of all weekly community lumo markets across the country as it eases the Covid-19 restrictions due to reduction in rate of infected cases.

Effective immediately, His Excellency President Adama Barrow is pleased to declare all “lumo” markets throughout the jurisdiction of The Gambia open“, a statement released by government’s spokesperson Ebrima Sankareh stated.

Of recent, the Barrow Government has been criticized over the President’s violation of the very rules his Health department has set up to curb the spread of the Coronavirus in the country. Albeit the restrictions related to social distancing and the mandatory wearing of mask, President Barrow was seen gearing up crowds of his supporters in a series of politically tinted activities. Yet the Gambia government communication’s strategy seems to now imply that there is no contradiction between gathering crowds of people, like with the President’s activities, and the rigor of the rules set up to bend the coronavirus.

This exactly transpired in the new announcement about reopening the local weekly markets. The Barrow Government has advised that all “lumo” market committees, traders, visitors and supervisory Area Councils are urged to continue adhering to The Public Health Emergency Act (Dangerous Infectious Diseases) Protection Regulations, 2020, including the wearing of facemask, provision of hand washing facilities and regular cleansing of market areas.

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