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Tambadou Resigns as Gambia’s Justice Minister

The Gambia’s Justice Minister and Attorney General Aboucarr M. Tambadou has resigned from the government, The Chronicle has reliably learned.

The details surrounding his resignation are unclear as he was unreached on the telephone.

Tambadou was appointed as the chief legal adviser to the government in 2017. He has since been instrumental in the democratization process of the post-dictatorship Gambia.

During his tenure, several commissions were established including the Janneh Commission which has so far recovered millions of dollars of public money that were embezzled and the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) that is currently investigating human rights abuses under former leader Yahya Jammeh.

      Aboucarr M. Tambadou swore in as cabinet Minister is 2017

He will also be remembered for leading the Gambia in guaranteeing the protection of the rights of Rohingya Muslims before the International Court of Justice.

However, he has also been heavily criticized by some victims for releasing four jungulars who confessed to conducting killings, which in his justification says it was meant to get evidence required to be at the state’s disposal. But he made it clear that releasing those jungulars from custody is not an amnesty for them.

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