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ST Targets Record 100, 000 Ticket Sales for Launch of Gambiana Album

Promoter Ali Wally and ST

Sanna Singhateh aka ST. Brikama Boyo, one of The Gambia’s most celebrated rap music sensations, prophesied a record one hundred thousand (100, 000) ticket sales for the launch of his latest eight (8) track album dubbed Gambiana.

The Brikama based artist is the first Gambian rap music rapper to fill the thirty thousand (30, 000) capacity Independence Stadium in 2018, when he launched his Saluto album. The Saluto album took the nation by storm with its classical lyrics and has since generated more fans for the artist both home and abroad.

Speaking at his press conference ahead of the December 7th album launch, the iconic rapper said Gambiana depicts everything that Gambia stands for and portrays the lifestyles of the people of The Gambia.

Gambiana is a totally different album because it contains a lot of expressions on The Gambian way of life, with lots of typical Gambian stories in the album. I try to represent my people in all the ways I can and this is what I did in this album”, ST disclosed at the presser.

He added: “When I do my music, people see themselves in it, they always feel it and I never go beyond Gambian’s level. I keep it at the level of The Gambians.  There are lots of fusions and local instruments in it, which makes this album a masterpiece.”

ST sitting in the middle

Dilating on the might of his latest album and what makes it different from his other albums, ST eloquently said, “It is amazing to note how the information is relayed in the Gambiana album, how the songs are created and how they have been expressed”, stating that these qualities make a lot of difference compared to his previous albums including Saluto that attracted a lot of fans at its launching.

Gambiana is just amazing, it consists of eight tracks that all talk about Gambia and its people’s ways of lives”, ST Brikama Boyo expressed.

He said is about time for Gambians to embrace local artists and give them all the support needed in a bid to develop the industry and make more Gambian music stars, revealing that the industry needs lots of stars that Gambians can rely on instead of only one star.

“Since 2013 I have been out there on the top spot of Gambian music and of course I must say that I will be happier to see more stars hitting up the chart because Gambia needs more stars in the industry. It is now time for Gambia to have more stars so that we will not depend on only one star, this is good for the industry and the artists”, ST responded to those who compare him to other Gambian musicians. 

ST called on Gambian artists to unite and work towards the advancement of the music industry, while appealing to the government to consider developing the music industry if Gambia is to catch-up with the rest of the world. 

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