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Singer Aby Ndour Sentenced for Defaming Architect Atépa Pierre Goudiaby

A court in Dakar has condemned Thursday Senegalese singer Aby Ndour in the defamation lawsuit opposing her to the renowned Senegalese architect Pierre Goudiaby Atépa. The court ruled that Aby, Youssou Ndour’s sister, wronged Pierre Goudiaby Atépa when she accused the architect of sexually harassing her.

In early July 2020, Aby Ndour posted a video on social media where she accuses Pierre Goudiaby Atépa of sexual harassment. Aby Ndour alleged in her viral video that Pierre Goudiaby Atépa asked to have sex with her in return for an apartment and a restaurant next to “Porte du Millénaire” square, along the Corniche Ouest in Dakar.

It happened in his car. Pierre Goudiaby Atépa promised me land. In front of everyone, we were like a father and a daughter. Away from prying eyes, we have another relationship, ” Aby said in a video that went viral on social media.

D Media journalists Simon Faye and Ahmed Aidara pick up Aby Ndour’s allegations on Zik-Fm radio and Sen Tv television.

Informed by relatives, Pierre Goudiaby Atépa filed a defamation complaint against Aby Ndour in a court of Dakar. The Senegalese Police opened an investigation that ended with Aby Ndour appearing before the judge on April 1st this year.

I confirm the statement I made to the police. I never had any relations with Atépa. I have my tavern on the Corniche. He came to me in 2016. Each time, he was calling me on a private number. He is responsible for everything happening now, ” Aby Ndour told the court.

When the judge asked Aby Ndour why she waited four years to expose Pierre Goudiaby Atépa, Aby says: “I waited four years to denounce him, because he insisted and I wanted to save my skin and my business.

The judge also heard from the 74-year-old architect, Pierre Goudiaby Atépa. “Someone called me to ask if I saw a video post from Ms. Ndour accusing me of sexual harassment. I was outraged, and I called my lawyer to take her to court.”

The architect said he spoke to Aby Ndour three times. It was always around 5 p.m. “I’ve never had a problem with her in the past, except the only time I told her that she could not establish her tavern where she wanted, near my house, because it was not a good location.”

Pierre Goudiaby Atépa added: “I complained in court to cleanse my honor. I have five daughters who are here, in this court. I had a mother whom I cherished. Your worship, I cannot do anything to hurt a woman,” Atépa told the court.

This Thursday, the Dakar court sentenced the singer to a 3-month suspended sentence and to pay a fine of 100,000 CFA francs. Youssou Ndour’s sister must also pay 10 million CFA francs to Atepa, as damages, according to the judge, who orders the publication of the decision in the newspapers.

The court dropped charges on the D-media group and its journalists Ahmed Aidara and Simon Faye for libel and slander. The plaintiff, Pierre Goudiaby Atépa, withdrew his case against them.

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