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Sierra Leone Young Man Builds Solar-powered Car

Emmanuel Alieu Mansaray, a 24 year old self-taught Sierra Leonean inventor, engineer and renewable energy expert, recently created the “Imagination Solar Car” to reduce the high risk of contracting incommunicable and respiratory diseases.  According to Emmanuel, lung cancer, asthma among other diseases, are health complications that sometimes derive from inhaling hazardous fumes emitted by vehicles using fuel like fossil, gaseous and liquid.

’Often, people with disabilities encounter discrimination in public transport, others without their own vehicle hire a driver to be able to move on errands. This is one of the main reason of creating such an initiative in order to make it easy for the movement of the disabilities. Every disabled person can drive without hiring a driver’’, Emmanuel said.

Speaking to The Chronicle, Emmanuel said his “Imagination solar power car” has been built with all the features installed in the steering; clutch, brake and accelerator.  It has a large solar panel at the roof of the car which powers the self- made engine.

According to Emmanuel, the solar panel operates by converting sunlight into electrical energy using photovoltaic cells. “The Solar -powered engine can cover c 15 kilometres per day, if intensive sunlight is available or even serve you more” he said.

Emmanuel struggled so hard to assemble all the needed material to complete his technical project. He went round the scrapyards to beg for scraps and collected other things from trash bins.

24 year old Emmanuel Alieu Mansaray

He saved the little monies given to him by his family and used it to purchase solar headlights, horn, cables, switch, mirror, head lights and back-lights, to assemble and shape the Solar-powered car.

The car has two doors and two mirrors attached to both left and right flanks, the engine has three gears and commands both back and front movements. It is well programmed with an accurate break system”, he explains.

He told The Chronicle that he learned his innovation during his Primary School days, Emmanuel used to collect trash cans like tomato and milk tins which he used to make different types of cars gadgets. Emmanuel would also collect trash batteries from dust bins and convert them for his personal electricity supply.

The young man who hails from a poor family background is seeking financial support for his projects, he said his dream is to contribute his share in developing Sierra Leone as well as achieve a successful career. Some challenges towards achieving his dream range from the lack of sponsorship, mentorship and the absence of raw materials needed for his creativity etc.

Emmanuel is however disappointed that some people spread negative energy making mockery of his creativity and never encouraging or empowering his dreams. He describes the situation as a hard journey where little opportunities are available for the youths.

The young creator said that he has already a lot of projects as he believes to have the solutions that can solve some issues affecting environment.










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