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Shattered Dreams!! Shattered Hopes! Shattered Promises!! Shattered hopes for a New Gambia and a New Republic by Ndey Jobarteh

A portrait of Yahya Jammeh being stampeded on by passers by after he lost re-election bid to Adama Barrow in December 2016

The Draft Constitution has tainted the legacy of this government especially President Barrow, beyond repair. You cannot be elected based on one of the fundamental electoral agreements and promises between you and the people and you showed no regards and blatantly lead to the failure of the «The People’s Constitution”. Dashing the hopes and aspiration of the majority of the Gambian people and leaving the people with nothing but the 1997 Constitution. What a shattered hope? What a shattered promise? What a shattered dream for New Gambia and a Third Republic?

The fact that the President and his government showed no interest to send the right messages and messengers to convince people that the Draft Constitution is good for them, showed their blatant assault on the Draft Constitution you never heard about in history class. It shows great robbery on the people of this country. This was the life blood of President Barrow’s election into office, and it has tainted his legacy and his government for good.

Let me make this very clear for those jubilating the failure of this Draft Constitution. Tthe many reasons why the Draft Constitution has enjoyed tremendous support in The Gambia and the Diaspora. It is because, the Draft Constitution introduces far reaching changes to Gambia’s system of governance. It creates a decentralized system of government characterized by different levels of Government. It seeks to fundamentally restructure the core institutions of governance. In this regard, the Executive, Parliament and the judiciary are to be fundamentally restructured and reformed. It also seeks to protect and promote the rights of its citizens in a more elaborate manner. Finally, it introduces national values and principles of governance and further devotes a chapter on leadership and integrity. Absence of an adequate and enforceable code of ethics and normative standards for the public service has, since independence, created a public service weighed down by problems like corruption, poor governance, mismanagement of resources, tribalism, criminal conduct, and impunity, among others.

Therefore for the deep seated interest of the President Barrow to be elected in December 2021 lead to the rejection of the “People’s Constitution” thus pose three types of threats or challenges to the passing of the  “People’s Draft Constitution”. These interests seek to retain the status quo, reverse the gains, or manipulate the content, direction and pace of reform or implementation.

The December 4, 2021 General Elections are essentially a referendum on fidelity to the Draft Constitution, on the one hand, or the reversal or manipulation of the reform process.

May God Bless the Gambia!!   May God Bless our People!!

The Struggle Continues………………..

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