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Seven Bodies Found in Yundum Barracks Mass Grave

The remains of seven people believed to be soldiers killed in the aftermath of the 11 November, 1994 alleged coup plot have been discovered in a mass grave at Yundum Barracks.

According to credible sources close to the exhumation team, the remains unearthed include skulls and skeletons. Military fatigues have also been discovered. The mass grave is said to be close to an area identified by former military officer, Sait Darboe in his TRRC testimony.

The discovery of the remains came almost two weeks after experts started the exhumation exercise, led by police forensic archaeologist and TRRC lead investigator, Thomas R.J Gomez.

Exhumation underway in Yundum Barracks

Last week, Gomez told The Chronicle that two identification methods would be used to identify any remains discovered.

In November 1994, members of the then ruling AFPRC military junta allegedly executed many soldiers accused of coup plot. Multiple TRRC witnesses gave graphic details of how the soldiers were summarily executed and buried in secret graves in Yundum Barracks, the epicenter of the alleged plot.

Last month, the families Lt. Basiru Barrow, Lt. Gibril Saye and Lt. Abdoulie Dot Faal, three of the alleged coupists, appealed to the TRRC for the exhumation of their bodies so they could give them proper burial.

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