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Senegalese Navy Seize Ship With Over 8 Tons of Hashish

Images of the hashish boat intercepted by the Senegalese Navy

The Senegalese Navy, on Sunday, intercepted a ship conveying a large quantity of hashish, 140 km off Dakar, according to the Directorate of Public Relations of the Senegalese Army (DIRPA).

A Senegalese Navy Special Ops securing the packs of hashish

Special forces of the Senegalese Navy carried the operation onboard the Senegalese navy patrol vessels ”Kédougou” and ”Anambe” supported by a maritime patrol reconnaissance aircraft of the Senegalese Air Force.

The ship had a large quantity of hashish, with 340 large bags each containing 1000 kg of plaster (…)” indicates the communication services of the Senegalese army in a press release read by The Chronicle. The press release specifies that the drug was found “in the vessel’s tanks.”

After counting and weighing operations, “There were 279 bags, each containing an average of 30 kg of hashish, for a total weight of 8,370 kg,” according to the Senegalese Navy.

The boat carrying the drugs is a trawler specially modified to carry a maximum number of drug packs. The “ghost” boat (it was without a flag) had three Turkish nationals on board.

It took hours, all Sunday, for the Navy Commander and his men to bring the drug vessel to dock port in Dakar. From the preliminary results of the investigations, the hashish came from Morocco and headed to a country in the sub-region.

Senegalese Navy Special Ops watch over three of the Turkish hashish transporters

The Senegalese Navy forces escorted the seven crew members, the ship, and the drug to the Amiral Faye Gassama naval base in Dakar, where they were handed over to the Senegalese Central Office for the Repression of Illicit Traffic in Narcotics (OCRITIS).

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