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Senegalese Navy Intercepts Canoe from Barra with 71 Would-be Migrants

On Saturday, the Senegalese Navy has intercepted a canoe tagged “Serigne Babacar Sy” with 71 people on board, sailing from The Gambia en route to reach the Canary Islands (Spain).

55 Gambians and 16 Senegalese were on board the canoe that left the Gambian town of Bara, according to the Senegalese Army’s Director of Information and Public Relations, Colonel Mactar Diop, in a public statement read by The Chronicle.

Passengers of the canoe from Barra awaiting evacuation to police and gendarmerie stations

The statement explains that the canoe from Barra was intercepted by a Senegalese Navy unit patrolling with the Navy vessel “Ferloo” near the islands of the Sine Saloum Delta, 90 kilometers from the fishing village of Djifer.

The Senegalese Navy says the crew members have been handed over to the Senegalese Police and Gendarmerie for further investigations.

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