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Senegal – Ousmane Sonko Indicted on Rape and Death Threats Counts, Released on Bail

Senegalese opposition leader, Ousmane Sonko, has been indicted on Monday and released on bail in relation with his case against Adji Sarr, an employee of a massage parlour in Dakar who accused Sonko of “repeated rape and death threats”. In essence, the leader of Pastef/Les Patriotes party will be prosecuted on the counts of “rape and death threats”, yet he can return home and remains under the watch of the Senegalese Judiciary. His lawyers have confirmed the new development to the media.

The leader of the Pastef/Les Patriotes party who was arrested last Thursday, had his custody lifted Sunday before being taken this morning to the courthouse in Dakar, to be presented to a senior judge, Samba Sall.

The Thursday arrest of Mr. Sonko was not specifically for the rape case but rather for disturbing public order on his way to the summons from the judge investigating the complaint from the masseuse.

Sonko’s arrest has since sparked numerous protests sprinkled with violence and looting in Dakar and other towns in Senegal.

At least five people have been confirmed dead during these various incidents.

On Sunday, emissaries of Muslim congregations and Catholic dignitaries in Senegal appealed for calm. On his part, the Senegalese Ombudsman, Alioune Badara Cissé, expressed hope that President Macky address the Senegalese people to call for calm, following the violent demonstrations in the country.

Civil society movements and opposition parties have staged a new protest over the next 72 hours.

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