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Real Men Divorce…

Real men divorce,

Keeping it real.

The weak ones do not,

Even when they should,


To keep up appearances.

The weaklings marry a second one—

Like putting a bandaid on a bullet wound—

And live a life of lie, held hostage to society.


Dear men, and women too,

Marriage is supposed to make you whole;

Not subtract, divide or fracture you.

Though it can become shaky, when it does:


Work on it, if you can’t steady it, break it off—

Anything that doesn’t make you feel fulfilled:

Diminishes your person, health, and life span.

It being an act of worship, don’t be gaslighted;


That only holds when it endears you to God.

The children, though it may be bad for them;

They will be worst off in a dysfunctional home.

No, it is not a sign of social decadence,


But rather, a mark of a progressive society:

The preponderance of Divorce,

In this our social media



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