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Rainy Season Disaster Update – 157,720 Affected by Windstorms, 14 deaths, NDMA

Kaw Kanteh stands helplessly in his mother's bedroom affected by windstorm

According to The National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) 2021 Disaster update, a total of 157,120 people have been affected by different catastrophes since the beginning of the rainy season. In addition, 9,595 households and 35,329 people have been internally displaced.

The report further reveals that 39 696 shelters have been damaged, 12,823 pregnant women and lactating mothers have also been affected, 19,035 male infants, 18,680 female, and respectively.

So far, 4,505 differently-abled have suffered misfortunes, bringing the overall population affected per climate hazard to 129 927 as wind storm victims and 25, 793 accounted for flash floors.

Over 1,000 people were left without clean drinking water and proper sanitation as well.

Since the beginning of the rainy season, the most violent strike occurred on the night of July 07th, when at least ten people died after a violent windstorm swept the country. The National Disaster Management Agency’s director Sanna Dahaba said nine people died in the North Bank Region while the other loss of life occurred in the West Coast Region.

Since July, the NDMA has endeavored to support the victims of these natural hazards together with the Gambia Red Cross Society, Action against Hunger, WFP, and local governments.









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