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Protesters Reject Sankareh to Receive Three Years Jotna’s Petition

Thousands of protesters have rejected the government’s spokesperson, Ebrima G. Sankareh from receiving their petition at Denton bridge.

They chant, “we don’t need Sankareh. He’s not qualified.”

According to some of the protesters, Sankareh was earlier heard on one of the local radio stations saying ‘operation three years Jotna’ is not recognized. “How can you receive our petition when you don’t recognize us,” one of the protesters was heard.

However, the petition was later smuggled by the main organisers of the protest and handed to Sankareh. The crowd then dispersed a few minutes before 2pm as conditioned in the permit.

Thousands of Gambians mainly youths marched to the streets of the capital City on Monday, piling pressure on their transitional leader President Adama Barrow. They are demanding that he steps down in honor of the agreement he made with the 2016 coalition stakeholders.

Coalition Leaders in 2016

Speaker after speaker including women, young and old, spoke in one voice, expressing willingness to ensure Barrow leaves office latest January 19, when he is expected to exhaust his transitional mandate of three years.

“If he fails to honor the agreement, it will lead to massive protest until he vacates state house next month, “says Lamin Drammeh, US based political commentator. “Power indeed lies in the hands of the people.”

Gambian protesters pile pressure on Barrow to step down

“All is not well in The Gambia, “says Baboucarr Camara. “The thousands that throng the streets leading to the capital calling for Barrow to step down at the end of three years as promised in his election campaign is a defiance against a Gambian leadership that has never been seen before, “he said.

Baboucarr explains: “An inference can be drawn that the leadership is only interested in entrenching himself in power than to deal with the issues confronting our country at the moment. “The youth are angered because their hopes of a New Gambia is shattered by Barrow and especially in the aftermath of the Nouadibou boat disaster, Gambians are bleeding with pain. Barrow must come out of his comfort zone (that’s if he has any comfort at all) and engage this youth, said Baboucarr.

Gambian protesters

However, protesters are chanting anti-endemic corruption slogans against current system and the class structure. The recycling of Jammeh enablers, the selective justice, soaring unemployment rate with the government. 

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