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Protecting the Integrity of Football: New GFF Integrity Officer Wants to Maintain a Zero-Tolerance Policy towards Match Manipulation, Match Fixing and Betting

AlmamehManga, New GFF Integrity Officer

As the internal good of sport is constantly threatened with commercialization, sport competition is losing its intrinsic values, Integrity and confidence on a daily base. To resort this values and respect for sport, International Federations like FIFA have now been very much serious more than ever to bring back that integrity in the Game.

With the new rules set by FIFA, every National Federation must appoint an Integrity Officer to ensure compliance and upholds good governance.

The Gambia Football Federation recently appointed Almameh Manga, Assistant Superintendent with The Gambia Police Force for that enormous task.

The Integrity Officer will be the point of contact for all communications with FIFA/CAF on integrity matters and actively participate in regional integrity workshops and lead the GFF’s integrity action programme.

But how ready is Manga for the job? What would be his immediate task? Is he a grounded sport administrator that understands the specificities of sport and contemporary issues around global and national sport among other raised concerns?

The Chronicle’s Omar Jarju sits down with Manga in this exclusive interview.

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