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President Adama Barrow Threatens to Ban Gambian Opposition Meetings if Re-Elected

Gambian President Adama Barrow says he will stop the Gambian opposition from holding meetings in the country if he is re-elected into office after the December 4th presidential election.

President Adama Barrow spoke on Sunday to a delegation of the Serer community of Jeshwang he invited at the State House.

Adama Barrow told his guests of the day that he would ban his opposition in the country to concentrate on developing The Gambia.

The opposition in this country has been holding recurrent meetings. They would often obstruct the traffic, the roads, and they have become a distraction to my power. Since my takeover in 2017, these opposition organizations have been holding meetings that have no use and would not bring any national development,” President Barrow told his audience.

President Adama Barrow has even mentioned a date that would make effective what he describes the Gambian opposition’s continuous distraction to his exercise of power.

Their endless meetings will come to an end on December 4th. If I am the winner of the election, I will impose a ban on opposition meetings. Furthermore, I will instruct the Inspector General of police to deny them permits to hold meetings,” President Barrow warned.

According to Adama Barrow, the Senegalese opposition that recently set Senegal streets ablaze in nationwide demonstrations is way better than the Gambian opposition.

This kind of opposition only exists here, in this country. Right to our next-door neighbor Senegal, they are not practicing this type of bad opposition. In Senegal, once elections are conducted, they come together and build their country. That is why I will make an end to their endless meetings, they are out to distract me, they are becoming a distraction to my rule. So we will ban from holding meetings,” said President Barrow.

The Gambian President then characterized the Gambian opposition as distractive and unpatriotic and prone to acting to see his government fail.

I sometimes wonder if these people love this country. They have been spreading lies about the OIC project. They do not want to see such projects to be launched in the country,” President Adama Barrow said.

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