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Police Investigates Death in Mangroves Swamp

The Gambian police has announced Saturday the opening of investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident of a single dead body found along the mangroves of Banjul on the 25th September 2020.

The police identified the dead body as Matar Ceesay, a 37 years old male of no. 14 McDonald Street in Banjul.

Preliminary investigations revealed that, the found body is linked to an incident reported by the Police Patrols in Banjul dated 19th September 2020.”

The report indicates that “during routine patrols in Banjul and its surroundings, the Police came across a vehicle with registration number BJL 2597 H, around Bond road.  

As they approached the vehicle two individuals were seen from a distance running into the mangroves and swimming away. The officers pursued but lost track of them,” a statement from the Inspector General of Police stated.

It added that the Police officers returned to the vehicle and a  search was conducted.

They recovered 56 kilos of suspected cannabis was also recovered in another bag inside the vehicle. The vehicle and the suspected cannabis were then taken to the Police Station and a case file opened for further investigations.”

According to the statement, Karim Jabbie alias Chana, a mechanic by profession was later arrested in connection to the incident and Usaman Rahman owner of the vehicle was also arrested, adding that they were later handed to the Drug Law Enforcement Agency as it was a suspected drug related matter.

Police probe further established that, it was Matar Ceesay (deceased) and one Njaga whose whereabouts is yet to be established, who ran into the mangroves leaving the vehicle and suspected cannabis behind.

“The found body of Matar Ceesay has been sent to the EFSTH mortuary for further examination to establish cause of death.


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