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Police Arrest Home Digital FM Proprietor, Takes the Radio off Air

The proprietor and manager of Brikama based Home Digital FM, Pa Modou Bojang has been arrested by the police on Sunday and the management was further ordered to cease operation of the radio.

“The Officer commanding in Brikama came and told Pa Modou that they have received instruction to pick him up and for him to cease the radio off air,” Omar Fofana, station manager told The Chronicle.

He said they have arrested Bojang after 2pm and taken to Brusubi police station.

Pa Modou arrested and enters police vehicle in his home town Brikama

As to what may have led to his arrest and closure of the radio, Fofana said they were covering the protest live through their reporters on the ground at Sting Corner, which turned violent between the riot police and members of ‘Three Years Jotna’ movement.

He said it a usual thing for them in covering protests live. However, he could state if this is the actual reason of the police decision.

The radio’s fans have gathered in solidarity causing some standoff with the police on the ground, Fofana said.

Home Digital FM  followers gathered at Pa Modou’s residence in Brikama to show solidarity

Home Digital FM has been critical of the Barrow administration through its various platforms including the ‘Membehkering’ meaning ‘What’s happening’ which is an exclusive analytical show in Mandinka.

Update: The Managing Director of private radio station, King FM has also been arrested and detained at the bundung police station. His radio station has been been also forced off air.

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