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Opposition Leaders reacts to Gov’t White Paper Report; Describes it Bias and Selective

Spokespersons for the opposition Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC), Momodou MC Cham and Dudu Jah of the Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC) have reacted angrily to the release of the Gambian government White Paper on the findings of the Janneh Commission. 

The duo described the report as “biased” and “selective” in both context, character and manner and meant to reprimand others as well as exonerate others who are serving the interest of the executives.

“Personally I am very disappointed with the report because I could not understand why some people have been exonerated, while others are victimized. I consider it witch-hunting, biased and selective in all its entirety,” said MC Cham of GDC.

List of banned people. Photo credit: Kerr Fatou

Cham said he could not understand why people like Chief Protocol Officer Alhagie Ceesay, Finance Minister Mambureh Njie, Former Cabinet Secretary Nuha Touray, Isatou Auber among others have to be spared, while Momodou Sabally, Njogu Bah and others are severely punished for almost the same crimes committed.

Cham calls on President Barrow to reconsider the life ban placed on Momodou Sabally, arguing that selective justice has been meted out on Sabally. 

He said Sabally is a young Gambian with great potential to contribute to the development of the country.

“For me, placing a life ban on Momodou Sabally is a harsh decision that needs to be reconsidered. Sabally is young and has a great potential to contribute to the development of the country,” Cham argued.

MC Cham

In his reaction, Dudu Jah, APRC Spokesperson said the Janneh commission itself has been compromised since the onset with the appointment of Amie Bensouda as the Lead Counsel. Jah argued that Amie Bensouda should have resigned once it became public knowledge that she served as the counsel for the Social Security and Kairaba Beach Hotel deal.

Dodou Jah Deputy Spokesperson APRC

Jah also shared the views of MC Cham stating that the commission’s report is totally biased and selective. It meant to victimize others, while exonerating others close to the corridors of power.

“The commission recommended the dismissal of the Chief Protocol Officer, Alhagie Ceesay, but they decided to ignore that recommendation and the same thing applies in the case of Mamburey Njie and Isatou Auber. How can one take this report seriously when it clearly shows how selective the authorities are in dispensing justice”?

(L-R)Ebou Jallow ,Edwrad Sighnateh,Yaya Jammeh

On the issue of banning some prominent Gambians including the former head of state Yahya Jammeh and former Vice President, Isatou Njie Saidy, the APRC spokesperson said neither President Barrow nor the Justice Minister have the right to ban any Gambian from holding public office, arguing that it is only the National Assembly that has such powers.

” I think both President Barrow and Justice Minister Ba Tambedou have overstepped their boundaries and authorities. They have no right to ban any Gambian from holding public office. Banning Gambians from holding public office can only be decided by the National Assembly, ” Jah told Chronicle.

He said he was not surprised that Momodou Sabally, former Secretary General, has been victimized in the report, arguing that when Sabally recently attended an APRC Youth rally, he knew clearly that he will be punished.

Momodou Sabally ©Coifoundation

“I am not surprised with the victimization of Momodou Sabally because when he addressed our youth rally, I clearly knew that he will be victimized,” Jah explained.

He called on The Gambia Government to review the report thoroughly before any action is taken against any Gambian.


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