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Omid Wisdom: A Multi-Talented Artiste Climbing the Music Ladder

Versatility is what comes into the equation whenever the name Omid Wisdom pops up.  The young man who grew up in the streets of Bakoteh Layout said of himself: “I am known for being multi-talented.”

The rapper who has been catapulted into the spotlight with the birth of the so-called New Gambia is also very much into movies and cartoon animation.  Despite this, Omid appears to have his eyes fixed on the prize as he stressed that music remains his main focus right now.

Currently on the books of Money Empire, Omid seems to be relishing the moment when asked how feels being signed by the production outfit.  “It’s been nothing but an acquisition of knowledge – a reflection of positivity from Money Empire to me when it comes to production, song writing and the different aspects of music and other things the music industry entails.”

For Omid, his career in the music industry began like an “in and out thing”, recalling how he would scribble stuff back in his high school days. “The teacher would be writing stuff and I would act like someone writing notes when I was actually writing song verses. That was how I actually started. It was not something I initially took seriously.”

The defining moment for Omid came in 2012/2013 when he fully got immersed in music as a “socio-politically conscious artist.” These days he is deeply involved in the mainstream upbeat party field.

On the kind of music he does, the man who described himself as someone with a lot of experience says he is the “socially conscious type with a different sort of production.”

Of particular significance to Omid is his new song ‘Chewing Gum Baby’. According to the singer, the tune was inspired by a story he read online about a woman who flew all the way from the U.S to be with her deported husband in The Gambia.  He singles out the symbolism in gum as that which is used to bind or attach things together – in this case women whose importance manifests itself mostly when times are hard.

For now though, Omid encourages people to catch him on the different social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook where he has been ever present all these years to date.

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