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Nurses Complain about Unpaid Allowances at Bansang Hospital

Bansang Hospital

Close to 100 nurses at Bansang Hospital have been allegedly sidelined from receiving COVID-19 allowance package, staffers of the facility told The Chronicle.

Ngai Ngum, (not his real name for protection reason), working in the maternity ward of the hospital has alleged that 98 nurses who are working in the maternity ward, female and children wings have not received their allowances.

“For us (nurses), we were very surprised why we have been sidelined in the payment of the covid-19 allowance disbursed at the hospital. At least ninety-eight nurses have not been paid while senior managers, ward in-charges, orderlies and staff of the accident and emergency were all paid,” he disclosed.

“We only came to know this when we showed up at the payment centre, only to be told by Trust Bank officials that we are not part of the payments list.”

      Inside Bansang Hospital

Ngai said the management says they are not paid allowances because they are not among the payment list given by the ministry of health. He alleged that orderlies were paid D15, 800 while staff at the Accident and Emergency where paid D19, 000.

“We are very disappointed with the management because instead of helping us to get our money, they were encouraging us to take loans from accounts. This is very unfair on our part and we are still demanding an explanation from both the management of hospital and the ministry of Health,” he tells The Chronicle.

Another nurse, Fatou Samba (not her real name) says some nurses were compelled to take loan from the accounts in order to be able to cater for their families ahead of the Tobaski feast.

“I must say that I am totally disappointed in the administration of the hospital as to the way the disbursements of the covid-19 allowances were done. This is the second time covid-19 allowances are paid here and nurses are not considered and this we thought is very discriminatory on our part,” she argued.

She urged the management and the Ministry of Health to consider their fate and pay them their COVID-19 allowances.

Meanwhile, The Chronicle contacted the CEO of Bansang Hospital, Baba Jeng for reaction on the allegations. However, he demanded the physical presence of the reporter before he can make any comment on the issue.

The hospital’s spokesperson Gibril Pateh Jawo has also said he needed time to consult the management and seek clarification from the management.

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