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National Museum to Undergo Renovation, Thanks to Africell

The Gambia’s National Museum is set to undergo a massive renovation, thanks to Africell GSM Company.

The GSM Company said it is taking a total overhaul of the National Museum. The idea is to turn it into a more viable equipped and modern facility. This was disclosed during a signing ceremony between officials of the National Center for Arts and Culture (NCAC) and Africell at the company’s main building.

We are going to do a total makeover of everything in and around the building except bringing it down because we still want to maintain the core pieces of what was there since time immemorial,” said Hussein Diab, Managing Director Africell.

According to him, the project has been in talks and consultation with officials of the NCAC for nearly two years now.

Some of you might not be aware, but you will see that we already started a very ambitious campaign, and maybe the museum project is the most prestigious one. But there are many others on-going and others to come. For all of us, the national museum strikes a very sentimental code in our hearts,” he said

As the National Museum continues to attract visitors and students interested to learn about the history and artifacts installed in the center, the Director of NCAC Hassoum Ceesay said the museum is the flagship of preserving and interpreting Gambia’s culture and heritage.

The Gambia national museum was created in 1985 to showcase our rich material heritage in different forms, including music. Presidents, ministers of state, religious icons, and simple ordinary Gambians have visited and enjoyed our vast cultural heritage. I must add that this revamping, more tourists will, and that would bring about economic benefits,” he said while thanking Africell for their intervention.

The National Museum remains among the oldest infrastructure that achieves details of historical accounts from the post-colonial era to date.

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