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Muhammed Sanneh Quits Estonian Paide City to Czech Premier League Ostrava Banik

Czech premier league club Ostrava Banik has acquired Gambian defender Muhammed Sanneh on loan from Estonian top league club Paide City. The full details of the transaction are yet to be unveiled.

21-year-old Muhammed Sanneh joined the Estonian Järva county club from Gambian top club, Real de Banjul, in early 2019 and played 55 Estonian League games in two seasons. In the winter, Sanneh moved to Banik on loan, taking part in five Czech League games. Banik finished in the eighth position. Early this June, Muhammed Sanneh earned his first call to the Gambia Scorpions A-team invitation.

Muhammed Sanneh told the Estonian “I am leaving the Paide City team upright and very gratefully. When I joined Paide two years ago, I was a boy from The Gambia, but now I’m moving on as a happy man to be a part of a successful journey. We had many positive moments together – qualifying for the Euro series for the first time in the club’s history and the first medal place in the league.

I want to thank the club’s management, supporters and fans, teammates, and especially the coaching team because their faith and support helped me reach a new development level. Paide City’s team continues to develop, and I am certain that the first title win will not be far away. Once again, thank you! I will move on from the Paide City team as a footballer, but I will always be a fan of yours, and hopefully, we will meet again in the future!

Gert Kams, Paide’s sporting director, said: “Muhammed Sanneh is a good example of a professional, determined, and learning footballer. As a result, his career in both the Paide City team and the Premium League went down a very logical path. Mo played himself among the league’s best defenders in his first season and confirmed his place in his second season.

The Czech loan came at the right time for Muhammed. At the end of the season, he proved himself in league games, and now it is time to play even more in the new environment. Good luck with Muhammed!”

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