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Medoune: From Model To Designer

Founder of House of Medoune

Medoune Gaye was born and raised in the Gambia. He discovered his love for sketching and being creative and an early age in primary school. Medoune signed with a modeling agency based in Dakar at the age of 17 right after graduating from high school when the agency noticed his modeling potential. After modeling for several years he decided to put his sketching skills, along with a new found love for design to use and start his own fashion line.

My inspiration comes from everything African, mostly colors and our beautiful landscape and nature.

Medoune Gaye Founder, House Of Medoune


In May 2012 he started the brand called ‘Starfit’ and the idea was to be able to make clothes for everyone and have them feel confident and like celebrities. After four years of operating he changed the brand name to  Medoune because his management team believes is more unique and outstanding and would sell faster especially outside Gambia, and he was convinced.

Medoune credits his success to his love of learning and trying new things in his work. As fashion, style and creations change daily, he tries as much as possible to make sure that his work and creations evolve and change as we. His favorite projects have always been fashion shows, and working with music artist. Fashion shows allow audiences to see his work close up and interact with them in a more personal way, and custom designs for music videos all how to be has creative as he wants to be without restrictions. Medoune’s proudest accomplishment is the fact that his brand is well known and respected in The Gambia and he serves as an inspiration for many young Gambian Designers. With his team, he has managed to take his ‘Gambian Talent’ Internationally through runway shows and  designs.

MEDOUNE defines the future of fashion. I am MEDOUNE!

Medoune Gaye Founder, House Of Medoune


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