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Massive Turnout Of Support Shows The UDP Is In Control – Majority Leader

UDP welcoming crowd

Kebba K. Barrow, majority leader of the National Assembly has described the massive turnout of supporters of the United Democratic Party (UDP) to welcome its party leader, Lawyer Ousainou Darboe as an opportunity to show to every Gambian that the UDP is in control of power in Gambian politics.

The majority leader made the statement amidst fanfare and jubilation from enthusiastic supporters who accompanied their party leader from the airport to his Pipeline residence  on Kairaba Avenue.

Hon Majority Leader Kebba K. Barrow

The UDP leader told waiting journalists at the Banjul International Airport that his tour of Europe, that took him to six European countries, is the most successful tour his party has ever embarked on. He said he has met with Gambians in United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Finland, Sweden and Norway where issues centering on Gambia and UDP were discussed.

Darboe went on to mention the need for Gambians in the diaspora to have the ability to participate in future elections, adding that the welcome he received in Europe is attributed to the confidence Gambians in the diaspora have in the United Democratic Party based on principles and policies designed to change the outlook of the country.

Ousainou Darboe

“Of course I am feeling 110 percent happy. This is an opportunity to show every Gambian that the UDP is in control of the political power of the country. We have manifested this in the National Assembly elections where we won 31 seats, we did it in the councillorship election, and repeated it in the Mayoral and Chairmanship elections. And Insha Allah (God willing) with the massive turnout, UDP will triumph”, Barrow told The Chronicle.

Barrow went on to recall 2016 to be a turning point for the country and an opportunity to correct the wrongs orchestrated during the dictatorial regime of Yahya Jammeh. According to Barrow, this opportunity has since been squandered away and Gambians are committed to changing this in the next election.

Rallying Gambians towards his party, the majority leader observed that the UDP is a party that has the right policies to move the country to attain its socio-economic development goals. Adding that a UDP government will uphold the rule of law, democracy and human rights of every Gambian irrespective of party or religious affiliation.

UDP supporters

“I want to thank the Gambian women for coming out yet again in their numbers to welcome our party leader. This is a clear indication that the women are ready to defend their country just like they did to end dictatorship in this country in 2016. The women are not giving any room for the recurrence of what had happened here in the past and I can tell you they are much more ready to replicate this in 2021”, majority leader Barrow expressed.

Barrow predicted that UDP will get at least 51 percent of the votes in the 2021 election.

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