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Many rendered Homeless in Tallinding after Torrential Rains

Dozens of compounds in Tallinding Koloban have been inundated by the heavy downpour on Saturday, destroying valuable properties and foodstuffs. The rains poured down from early morning stretching into Sunday with short intermittent breaks.

“Whenever it rains, this is what we experience. This particular one was too much. Our children’s beds and shoes are all wet due to the rains. As you can see, I have been trying to dry everything outside since lunchtime,” flood victim, Mariama Dem of Tallinding said.

Mariama tells The Chronicle that to remove the water from their shelters, they will need a pumping machine to clear the mess. “We use a pumping machine to pump the water whenever it rains. The children’s mattresses are all wet. If we have help, it would help us” she appealed for support.

She lives in the area for at least 15 years this year. According to her, Saturday’s story wasn’t too new to them as they encounter the situation yearly. “Normally we lay our mattresses on the floors after the rains when the place is a bit dry. We’re calling for help from the government or anyone who can help us” Mariama said.

Isatou Jobe is also affected by the heavy downpour that destroyed her clothes and other household materials. “Even where to sleep would be a problem for us. You’ve seen how our house is inundated by water. It’s all full with water. Our food commodities, cloths are all spoiled by the rains,” she said.”

Isatou has called for urgent support from the government especially in terms of foodstuffs as they lose their feeding store the floods.

“The rain yesterday was long. We’ve pumped the water out but yet it was entering the house. The house was full of water but thank God we were able to pump it all out. We have to share our beds with the children,” says Ndey Taal, another victim of the flood.

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  1. Lamin A Bojang says

    A messy land and settlement policy led to all kinds of complicative issues like this. Settlement shouldn’t be allowed in the “farros’ formerly rice land. No matter how long, those areas were rice fields and swamps.

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