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Man in Custody for Alleged Sexual Assault on a Minor in Jeshwang

One S. Sambou is currently in custody at the Serrekunda Police Station, alleged to have sexually assaulted and impregnated a minor in New Jeshwang. 

The accused is reported to have been having an affair with the minor on multiple occasions, whenever the girl’s custodian and grandmother went to work, leaving her and the alleged sexual predator in the house.

The girl (name withheld) alleged that the man started having an affair with her when she was 9. He father has died years ago after which she has been under the care of her grandmother.

Speaking to the Chronicle, the young girl said “He started having sexual affairs with me when I was 9. By then, my grandmother used to go to work in the morning and she would always leave us in the house with him. Whenever he notices that we are alone in the house, he begins molesting me. He threatened to kill me if I dared to report him. But I nonetheless reported him to my grandmother. However, my grandmother did not believe me and would always tell me S. (the accused) wouldn’t do that to me”, the girl narrated.

The girl who is now 17-year-old has recently delivered a baby of a pregnancy from the alleged molester.

The girl’s Uncle Mustapha Camara told the Chronicle that “It happened that one day, I decided to visit the girl, as I was staying in Old Jeshwang. But to my utter surprise, when I entered the house, I found the man sexually abusing the girl,” he narrates.

Mustapha Camara, Uncle of the Victim

According to the Uncle, he reported the matter to the young girl’s mom who was staying in Banjul at her matrimonial home, while her daughter was under the care of her grandmother.

The mom came to the house and took the girl to the hospital for a checkup. The hospital found out that she was defiled. They (the hospital) advised us to get the man responsible for her defilement arrested because it has become a criminal case” he said.

Meanwhile, Lamin Njie the Police PRO confirmed to the Chronicle that the matter is currently under police investigation. “We can confirm that S. Sambou is under police custody for allegations of sexual abuse of a minor. The case is currently under investigation and details will be communicated when investigations are completed,” Njie told the Chronicle.






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