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Here Comes The Chronicle

“A critical, independent and investigative press is the lifeblood of any democracy” – Nelson Mandela

On this beautiful day, the eve of our 54th independence anniversary, we present to you the maiden edition of The Chronicle, a digital media outlet set up under Chronicle Media Holdings Ltd to serve as the vigilant watchdog of public interest.

The idea of The Chronicle was borne out of passion and desire by its pioneers to give an alternative voice and source of information to the Gambian people, both at home and in the Diaspora, and safeguard liberty through journalism.

The Chronicle seeks to help strengthen good governance and promote accountability, probity and transparency through in-depth reporting and investigative journalism, in a professional and innovative way. We believe that the most effective way to protect and deepen democracy, especially in a country that emerged from two decades of dictatorship, is for the media to consistently provide citizens with accurate, impartial and independent information.

At The Chronicle, we also value our role to entertain our readers and oh our lifestyle and sports columns will bring you a lot of entertainment. Our business column will always provide a panoramic view of the business landscape.

We recognize that the diversity (especially the socio-cultural diversity) of The Gambia goes beyond the Greater Banjul area. In our human interest coverage, we’ll tell the everyday Gambian story in every part of the country and celebrate what makes us the Smiling Coast of West Africa.

Finally, I must make it very clear that The Chronicle is neither FOR nor AGAINST any individual or group whatsoever. We are an independent media outlet with high ethical standards. We will never compromise independence, objectivity, impartiality and fairness for ANYTHING or ANYBODY! As Editor-in-Chief, I have full authority over the editorial content of The Chronicle. And we will always promote the highest ethical standards in whatever we do, without FEAR or FAVOUR.

Happy 54th independence and enjoy our special reports on independence.


Sheriff Bojang Jr.


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