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“Lawyer Darboe U-turn Only Confirms UDP Is Behind 3Yrs Jotna Movement” Dou Sano

Dou Sano, Political Adviser to President Adama Barrow has disclosed that the U-turn taken by Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, Leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP), to cancel his support for President Adama Barrow’s five year mandate can only confirm that the UDP is the main force behind the 3 Years Jotna Movement. 

Dou Sano, a one time strong supporter of the United Democratic Party (UDP), also expressed his disappointment in Lawyer Ousainou Darboe for betraying the trust and confidence bestowed on him by The Gambian people. He argued that the UDP Party Leader changed his previous position of defending President Barrow in court should anyone challenge him to relinquish power by the end of the three years agreed to by the 2016 Coalition Agreement.

Members of Sukuta Nema LangNaayaa Kafo formally at Barrow Fans Club Office

The Presidential Political Adviser made this statement at the Headquarters of Barrow Fans’ Club (BFC) at Serrekunda, where close to fifty members of Sukuta Nema LangNaayaa Kafo formally adopted Hon. Sainey Jawara as their father. Members of the Kafo promised to stand side by side with President Adama Barrow in carrying out his developmental goals and aspirations for the people of The Gambia. 

Dou Sano also disclosed at the gathering that it’s about time the 3 Years Jotna Movement coin their name into a language and wording that majority of its backers and members speak, stressing that since no single Wolof living in or out of the country is a member of the 3 Years Jotna movement, it would be fair to call the movement ‘3 Years Sita’.

“All those behind this movement and those sponsoring them are not from the Wolof ethnic group. Why can’t they change their name to “3 Years Sita” rather than using a language that they don’t belong to. What we know is that all those supporting and financing the 3 Years Jotna Movement are all Mandinkas, so let them use 3 Years Sita instead of 3 Years Jotna”, Dou Sano challenged.

“I am not surprised with the statement of UDP at all, we knew that they will come out in the open to support this three-year idea. Ousainou and (UDP) are very much in a haste to become president of this country and their latest move only confirms that the UDP is behind the 3 Years Jotna Movement”, Dou Sano revealed.

Ousainou Darboe

The Presidential Political Adviser called on the UDP Party Leader to remember the day that he labeled President Barrow Prophet Musa, adding that if Ousainou Darboe can betray Adama Barrow who spared his life from the havocs of the former President Yahya  Jammeh, he Dou Sano will not be surprised by the position taken by the UDP as far as this three-year issue is concerned. 

According to him, some selfish political charlatans close to Ousainou Darboe who are driven by cheap popularity, pride and narrow mindedness in the politics of the country, are the ones disturbing the UDP Leader, adding that these are the people who are also to be blamed by Lawyer Darboe’s latest U-turn to withdraw his promise of defending Adama Barrow in court. 

“If President Barrow wants to step-down after three years, it means he is betraying the trust of over two million Gambians who voted for him to rule for five years against the wishes of few disgruntled Gambians including the UDP members. President Barrow is here to stay to serve his five-year mandate and anyone interested in his seat should wait for him at the poll by 2021”, Dou Sano explained. 

The outspoken and staunch supporter of President Adama Barrow also criticized the UDP Party Leader of being only interested in the presidential seat given to President Barrow by the Gambian people through the ballot-box, arguing that this has been manifested by Ousainou Darboe through his actions and deeds.  He said if President Barrow could have given the presidential seat to Ousainou Darboe, he would have done so a long time but unfortunately the seat doesn’t belong to President Barrow but rather, it is entrusted to him by The Gambian people who asked him to rule and not Ousainou Darboe.

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