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Lamin Saidy: The Young Gambian Taking On the Art World with His Pencil Drawings

Lamin Saidy is one of Gambia's finest artists

Lamin Saidy is a Gambian artist who has had a long time to practice his stunning pencil art. He is one of Gambia’s rare talents making waves in the art industry.

Born and raised in the buzzing town of Tallinding, Lamin showed an aptitude and love for portraits and painting from infancy. He has very strong family ties; the eldest of three children to a single mother – a business woman – who encouraged his quest to become a successful artist by buying him materials he needed.

Saidy, has an intense sense of coloring and this vibrancy adds a great deal to the portraits he produces. “I grew up liking drawing and creativity, Saidy told The Chronicle. “I create portraits and other creative art works to show my artistic qualities.”

“I think what really helped me to be a good artist is the passion I have for it, I have so much passion for art.”

Lamin Saidy, 28, specializes in interior and exterior paintings, as well as any form of creative pieces. He has portrayed a lot of Gambian business men and media personalities with his art work. His aim is to gain national and global recognition and be given a chance with his works. “I really want to be competing at both national and international level, “he said.

At the heart of his works was a sketch he put together after one of Gambia’s business women Haddy Sowe. “This portrait is so dare to me, he tells The Chronicle. “ I love the way I blended the colors, they got me attracted.”

Portrait image of Haddy Sowe done by Lamin Saidy

Saidy also wants to use his work to inspire a generation of contemporary artists using their imagination and influences to preserve modern cultures of their immediate environment and use their art as a proven medium of discussion. “Art is not only about painting or drawing people, it has gone up to level of telling societal issues, “he said. I want to use my work to also tell stories of my community and country while I also encourage my fellow artists to do so.”

Describing himself as a versatile fine artist, Lamin Saidy wants to set up an art center for his community, through which children can express their innate artistic expressions under his guidance.

Lamin Saidy works at his residence in Tallinding

“That’s my target now, to teach the young generation how do this job. I’ve seen very talented young artists around that need support to excel.”

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