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Kitabu Fatty Throws Support to Presidential Aspirant Essa Faal

The Gambian comedian and Leader of the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) Kitabu Fatty has declared his support to presidential hopeful Essa Faal ahead of the December 4th presidential election.

Essa Faal is the latest to join the political scene after he declared his intention to run for president, describing himself as the “best candidate” for the job during the official launch of his party.

Meanwhile, at a press briefing, Kitabu said Essa is the best candidate for the December 4th election due to his track record during the TRRC truth-seeking hearings.

We, at PDP, know that the rightful person to rule this country and to take us to the next level is Essa Mbye Faal.  I know that I have a lot of experience, but I believe Essa Faal has more experience than me. We have all seen the great work he did with the TRRC. Therefore, we call on all Gambia’s to support Essa Faal,” Kitabu told the media.

Fatty went on calling every Gambian to vote for the former TRRC Lead Counsel to “usher new hope for a better and prosperous Gambia.

Essa Faal, meanwhile, hailed the move by PDP describing Kitabu as a ‘naturalist.’ “Let me take this opportunity to thank Mr. Fatty for his rousing endorsement of my candidacy for president. Today is a day to welcome Mr. Kitabu Fatty to our party. This guy is a natural,” Essa Faal told his supporters.

Kitabu’s alliance with Essa Faal came some weeks after the political pact between Yahya Jammeh’s APRC and Adama Barrow’s led NPP.

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