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Killa Ace: Gambia’s Epic Rapper Taking on the Government

Ali Cham, A.K.A Killa Ace, is one of the most popular artists in the music industry right now in The Gambia. His hype-beats along with his meaningful lyrics have become a part of society’s everyday soundtrack.

The hip-hop star uses his music to talk about human rights and other social injustices in The Gambia, and he’s also big into giving back to the community. He’s well known for picking apart with former President Jammeh’s system of oppression and addressing the issue of police brutality in The Gambia.

Killa Ace uses his lyrics to talk about injustices against Gambians

He was sent to exile in Senegal by Jammeh’s tyrannical regime after he released his album Ku Boka C Geta G, Naan C Meew Mi’, in July 2015. The song talks about issues of freedom of expression, injustice, repression, economic hardship and purported democratic failings in The Gambia during former President Yahya Jammeh’s regime.

On Saturday, Killa Ace joined other victims of human rights abuses under the rule of former president Yaya Jammeh to protest and demand justice for violent repression that were meted on them and their families. “It’s an open secret now that Jammeh was a killer and brutal dictator, “Ace told The Chronicle. “There are enough evidences to bring him to justice, so The Government should lead in the process to bring Jammeh to justice.”

Killa Ace speaks to The Chronicle

“Different from any other artist out there, music is what I will forever use to fight corruption and injustices in my country. “I think the reason why am respected is because I have courage in speaking out against injustice and other human rights violations.”

He goes on to highlight the ‘sheer’ neglect of Jammeh’s victims by the current government under President Adama Barrow. “This was supposed to be a complete changed government that listens to the need of its people. You still have people who enabled Jammeh to kill, torture and rape serving in the government, “he said.

“Jammeh alone was not the problem. He had enablers that are still around and it’s not quite fair for victims to be seeing them laughing around as if nothing bad has happened.

In 2018, Killa Ace was arraigned and charged with two criminal offences ‘assault’ and ‘breach of peace’. He was also accused of assaulting police officer Corporal at Serekunda market, though his denied all charges.

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