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Kexx Sanneh Never Kidnapped, Arrested For Giving False Information

On Monday, the Police has announced that Kemeseng Sanneh, known as Kexx Sanneh, has been arrested and put in custody for falsely claiming to have been kidnapped by unidentified individuals. The Police issued a public statement in which it says that “Kexx Sanneh was never kidnapped or abducted by any individual.”

On Saturday 27th March 2021,  Kemeseng Sanneh alias Kexx Sanneh filed a claim at the Latrikunda  German Police Station alleging that unknown individuals kidnapped and dumped him at Erinjang Cemetery on the 24th March 2021. The Police on Monday says Kexx Sanneh wilfully filed a claim “he knew to be false and misleading.”

The Police has explained, in its statement, that upon obtaining a due account from Kexx Sanneh, the Crime Investigation Department opened a swift investigation into the circumstances leading to his alleged kidnapping to prosecute anyone found responsible.

Sanneh wasn’t seen by family members for two days and he told The Fatu Network on Saturday he was seized by unknown men who held him for two days and then dumped him at Bakoteh cemetery. He, therefore, filed a complaint on Saturday.

The Police now says “Sufficient evidence gathered showed that he  Sanneh was not kidnapped and placed in a car as alleged; but instead, he spent that very night in his house with a Marabout from Senegal whose service he hired”.

According to the Police, “Further investigations revealed that Kemeseng Sanneh was involved in a fraudulent marabout scam, details of which are subject of further investigations.”

The Police says it is also applying due diligence in ensuring the safety of Kemeseng as he continues to help in the investigations.

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