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Jammeh’s Return Protest Causes Stir in His Victims

The victims of human rights abuses under the rule of former president Yahya Jammeh have expressed dissatisfaction over the police decision to issue a permit to APRC party loyalists to protest and demand for the return of their exiled leader.

“Considering the fact that The Gambia is going through a truth seeking and reconciliation process, the APRC protest demanding the return of former president Jammeh is a mockery of all victims of the 22- year Jammeh rule,” a statement from the Gambia Centre for Victims of Human Rights Violations stated on Thursday.

The Victim Center says it’s is dissatisfied with the decision. They called it highly inconsiderate and insensitive to the suffering victims who went through suffered during Jammeh’s presidency.

“By giving the APRC a permit to demand the return of Jammeh, they have been allowed to undermine and trivialize all the transitional justice processes.”

“While we recognize their right to protest, we believe that it is not done in good faith and it is geared towards mocking a nation. This party is demanding the return of a man who tried to stifle the voices of Gambians at all cost; who has brutalized, maimed, killed, sexually abused, tortured and victimized Gambians and non-Gambians in many ways,” the statement added.

Yusupha Mbye was shot on both legs by police officers in April, 2000

The Centre informs that they have also requested for a permit to stage a peaceful protest on the 23rd of January 2020 from the ARCH 22 to the Police Headquarters in Banjul, to express dissatisfaction with the issuance of the permit to APRC.

“The slogan for the Transitional Justice Process is ‘Never Again,’ and this party is protesting to take us back, which triggers not only the victims but the entire Gambian citizenry.”

The Gambia Centre for Victims of Human Rights Violations assures its continuity to working with relevant partners to facilitate justice for victims, through national, regional and international mechanisms to ensure that peace continues to prevail in the country.

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