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Jammeh to Justice Campaign – Reed Brody Widens The “Dictator Hunter” Tag

Human Rights Watch Lawyer Reed Brody is also known globally by the sobriquet of “Dictators’ Hunter.” Reed hopes to pin the “Dictator Hunter” tag to every goodwill soul in The Gambia, and the world, aiming to bring to Justice former president Yahya Jammeh and all the perpetrators of human rights abuses during Jammeh’s 22-year rule.

On Thursday, 29th April, Reed Brody unveiled dark t-shirts tagged with slogans like “Jammeh to Justice” and “I am the Dictator Hunter” as one aspect of his campaign to get Yahya Jammeh to account for his horrible human rights record.

I am called the Dictator Hunter and am privileged to work with victims and activists to develop the tools and the political and legal conditions to help them seek justice,” Brody told The Chronicle.

Since Yahya Jammeh’s exile to Equatorial Guinea, Reed Brody has worked with President Adama Barrow’s Justice Administration authorities, Gambian Civil Society organizations, and victims of the Yahya Jammeh regime to obtain that the Gambia transitional justice process works through. With multiple testimonies at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission directly linking Dictator Yahya Jammeh to killings, rape, torture, enforced disappearances, and other gross rights violations, Reed Brody believes that such an array of incriminating testimonies must serve the purpose of accountability.

Yahya Jammeh will not be brought to justice because some lawyers in America want him brought to justice. Instead, Jammeh shall face justice because people like Baba Hydara (the son of slain journalist Deyda Hydara), and all the other victims, show that they deserve justice.

Reed Brody with Victims

The Gambian truth-seeking Commission will soon complete public hearings of witnesses. The Commission will issue its recommendations to President Adama Barrow for implementation. Brody said those found responsible for the worse crimes committed under Yahya Jammeh’s 22-year rule would be brought to justice. “But it is up to the government to implement those recommendations,” the human rights lawyer said.

When asked what will happen if the TRRC recommendations are not implemented? Brody responded: “What I have seen here during this mission is that the Gambian civil society, victims, and The Association of Non-Governmental Organizations are not going to let the government ignore the recommendations of the TRRC.

Reed believes that Civil Society organizations must have anticipated many scenarios to own the coming TRRC recommendations and ensure that the whole government is set and fit to fight the fire.

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